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SYNESIS ONE is the world’s first DAO for Play-to Earn data yield farming and an NFT Data Marketplace for AI on the Solana blockchain

Branding Development, Creative Direction & Design, Animation Production
Role: Branding & Brand Strategy, Graphics, Website Design, Motion Graphics, 3D, Game Concept Art


In order to fight the threat of Big Tech and it’s exploitation of the masses via artificial intelligence, Synesis One promises to restore balance and order to the centralized state of the internet today by recruiting legions of contributors to generate data, open and accessible to all. Its new, play-to-earn gamification model enables the creation of high quality data. As a result, this data will be accessible to other AI systems. SYNESIS ONE aims to unlock the hidden value stored in human thought and language by turning AI data into a financial asset through DefI composability. It is the world’s first DAO for Play-to Earn data yield farming and an NFT Data Marketplace for AI on the Solana blockchain.  The dual token system is designed to amplify the overall income potential for data yield farmers and NFT collectors. All who contribute will be rewarded with Synesis tokens, granting everyone governance over the data. Data can be organized and monetized to benefit all, rather than just a few.


The ambitious team at Synesis One approached Eric Jordan to help develop a strong brand devlopement strategy from the ground up that would give the project an extremely solid creative foundation to stand on, in order to extend it’s pioneering platform out into the future. As the project directly addresses major key issues surrounding artificial intelligence and shaping the future of data collection for humanity, Eric Jordan happily accepted an invitation to come aboard the project as an official Creative Advisor, and since this time Eric has executed a large-scale brand strategy campaign across social media, including the production of motion graphics, blog illustrations, website development and animation – in addition to taking on a role as lead concept artist for their NFT game development team – which aims to produce the world’s First NFT-Based graphic novel game and includes award-winning science fiction writers and top puzzle designers.  An interview article covering Eric’s role as an official Creative Advisor for the project can be read here:

Designer: Eric Jordan
Branding & Brand Strategy: Eric Jordan
Motion Graphics: Eric Jordan
3D: Eric Jordan
Game Concept Art: Eric Jordan

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