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Motion Graphics
Client: Stockhunt, Dubai
Role: Strategy, Creative Direction, Design, Animation, 3D, Sound Design


StockHunt is an A.I.-driven investment platform based out of Dubai that assists investors with the complex task of stock selection in an increasingly complex world. As our reality is in a state of constant flux, with enormous amounts of data to sort through, the team at StockHunt leverages artificial intelligence to help retail investors parse these fluctuations.  The StockHunt team approached Eric Jordan to develop a short motion spot to broadcast on large format theater screens in Dubai, informing potential customers about their system which combines A.I based algorithmic data processing, combined and augmented with human-assisted guidance.  As their platform relies heavily on processing and sorting through massive amounts of data, Eric set out to explore the world of a day trader seated at his trading desk, surrounded by enormous amounts of incoming information.  The sequence takes us from the traders physical location out into the vast world of the virtual markets, and deep into a digital universe made of various streams of investment-related data nodes. The key was to visualize what massive sets of investment-related data might look like stacked multi-levels deep, and interconnected in multiple ways – tied together via a centralised A.I. algorithm that touches each point of the information, processes it, and then utilizes the data points to filter out a profitable portfolio of selected stocks for the customer.   Eric worked across diverse timezones with the team in Duabi in order to rapidly develop the animation sequence which would deployed across various theatres.

Creative Director: Eric Jordan
Designer: Eric Jordan
Motion Graphics: Eric Jordan
3D: Eric Jordan
Sound FX Designer: Eric Jordan