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A game by Synesis One, art directed by Eric Jordan.
The world’s first NFT-Based Graphic Novel Game.
Jack in, crack the codes, and save the WORLD.

Branding Development, Creative Direction & Design, Animation Production, 3D Animation, Character Design, Concept Art, Environment Design


Quantum Noesis is a game that is part graphic novel, part puzzle game, which unlocks episodically over the course of multiple weeks and features prizes for those who are fast enough to solve them first. The breakthrough game is powered by NFTs and has its own unique token economics and behind-the-scenes AI enterprise. It’s a sci-fi tale of AI and cybercrime, as the player fights an evil Megacorp hell bent on thwarting an essential AI breakthrough that will save the world… And while the NFT tech and currency in the game is purely 2022 and beyond, the game itself looks to all the world like a classic graphic novel. Quantum Noesis takes place in the year 2035. The Noosphere DAO is on the verge of an astonishing breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence. EVI (Electronic Virtual Intelligence) holds the key to humanity’s future. But there are powerful forces at work to destroy her…


Synesis One reached out with an invitation to art direct the world’s first NFT-Based graphic novel game. Eric Jordan, who serves as a creative advisor for Synesis One, agreed to assist with branding, art direction and concept art for the Quantum Noesis game universe.  Working from the story synopsis, Eric helped to craft the look of several in-game characters and high-tech environments & screens – as well as multiple 3D motion graphics trailers.

Written by cyberpunk novelist D.L. Young (author of the Cyberpunk City series) and game designer Tracy Spaight, Puzzle design by puzzle master Cliff Johnson, graphic illustration by artist Bohdan Kravchenko, writing by Shawn Whitney, game production by Fabryka Gier, art direction & concept art by Eric Jordan.


Creative Direction & Designer: Eric Jordan
Branding & Game UI: Eric Jordan
Character Concepts & Environment Design: Eric Jordan
Additional Game Art: Eric Jordan

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