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As you know we are launching the Time-Door tech on January 7 to the masses and have started the prep work. This will be a lot different than the smaller beta events that we have been using to test the safety of the technology. I hear that there will be no real way to make sure until we do it as this has never been done large scale as the only thing similar has been the Mararashi Effect and this is way more potent and uses technology. Again, they are ready to pull it at any moment if these last trials have something happen that is problematic. It does appear to increase in strength each time we do it and people are getting more and more “unsettling” supernatural phenomena. Click here for updates and how you can get involved:

Inside the sacred text of The X Path contained a Prophecy that included a tactical battle plan against the dark forces. The Prophecy said that there were those on Earth who would “Hear The Call” and be divinely guided to the covert site, access the technology, and escape. The Prophecy said that by using sacred imagery all over planet, that they would see it and begin to awaken. This worldwide awaken ops to cover the globe with sacred imagery was called Operation Awaken. For a video of Project 7 Operation Awaken in Times Square view here:

Starting in January Project 7 will be launching a subscription based box service, where tactical kits and gear can be delivered directly to your home. These Tactical Kits will contain Exclusive Gear, Codes, and Files not available anywhere else. They will also be available at select stores worldwide. The items are a mystery and are said to be done in ways that will enhance the Time-Anchor, Time-Door and Nexus experience by further “forcing” glitch and other supernormal phenomerna to happen. There are rumors that “Oracle Cards” have been developed based on the sacred scriptures and encoded with advanced technology will be made available as well as never-before-released secret files. We will keep you posted with updates here: