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NISSAN ‘BOTTOM LINE’ – :30 Broadcast TV Spot
Motion Graphics Animation
Agency: Gladeye
Client: Nissan
Role: Motion Graphics


Gladeye, a top creative agency based in the heart of Auckland, reached out with an ambitious timeline of 5 days to deliver a new Nissan TV spot for broadcast, featuring their new vehicle lineup: The Navara, Pathfinder, X-Trail and Qashqai. The challenge: hit the airwaves with 30 seconds of high energy motion graphics, with no access to any 3D vehicle assets other than still 2D 360° photography, in just less than a week. With just a few short days to broadcast dispatch, a series of abstract & fairly neutral 3D environments were built & animated to give subtle dimension & depth to the vehicles and allowing them to take center-stage without too many distracting elements. The Navara’s terrain is jagged with subtle plateaus to imply ‘mountainous’. The X-Trail shot includes a combination of both jagged and cubic shapes to convey versatility. Pathfinder’s terrain is a bit curved and smoother, to align with family (gentle). And Qashqai’s terrain was designed specifically with square geometry in order to imply city buildings and urban shapes. Making use of 3D projection-mapping techniques, clever masking, and dynamic camera moves, an effective sense of dimensionality was given to each shot in order to make the spot work for the incredibly tight deadline. To communicate the main theme of the “Bottom Line”, a dynamic red stripe weaves in and out of each scene, carrying the sequence forward and pulling the viewer toward the final reveal of “Zero” deposit.