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Motion Logo for Cannes Film Festival, 2002

Role: Creative Direction, Design, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Sound Production


Jackrabbit Media is a film production company specializing in the licensing, marketing and the distribution of commercial feature films, television and multi-media content to the global market. In preparation for the Cannes Film Festival in 2022, Jackrabbit Media reached out to Eric Jordan to produce a special animated motion logo destined for the big screen in 5.1 surround sound. They were seeking something out of the ordinary, something that would stand out from other studio logos. Eric set out to create a storyline around the logo, a small window into the world of a special Jackrabbit who has the ability to use creative energy to transform vision into reality. A set of multiple creative approaches was created in order to explore what the sequence might entail. A final concept was developed which centers around the Jackrabbit sprinting out from the aperture of a camera lens, symbolizing the moment a picture is greenlit and filming begins, to the energy of the production process, symbolized by the jackrabbit running across a bridge among obstacles of giant popcorn structures. Through carefuly developed 3D particle dynamics, the jackrabbit transmutes its creativity into a white energy and becomes the creative force itself, moving up the film reel bridge and out into the final product – enjoying the film in the theater via a box of popcorn. The sequence resolves with the Jackrabbit piercing through the final barrier of the process and out of the box, manifesting into the final logo. The full process of developing the sequence included the development of the Jackrabbit with an advanced dynamic hair network of over 100,000 individual hairs, as well as the use of 3D-simulated physic dynamics for the popcorn kernels to properly be displaced by the jackrabbit and to fall across the theater floor in the most realistic way possible. The final motion logo is aimed to debut at the Cannes Film Festival, 2022 in France.

Creative Direction & Designer: Eric Jordan
Motion Graphics: Eric Jordan
3D Development and Animation: Eric Jordan
Sound Development: Eric Jordan

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