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“For Anonymity at Scale”
Motion Graphics & 3D Product Renders


Creative Direction & Design, Graphics, Motion Graphics Production, 3D Animation
Client: ATOR



ATOR Protocol is a trailblazing platform aiming to revolutionize online privacy and freedom by empowering the adoption and strength of the TOR network. ATOR proof-of-uptime and relay hardware allow users to earn passively while contributing to TOR and enabling end-to-end privacy for users across the internet. ATOR reached out with a need for a sleek 40-second spot to deploy which quickly and easily communicates their privacy-focused technology. Eric worked with the ATOR team to develop a conceptual CGI version of the physical ATOR relay unit and a creative strategy for a powerful motion graphic sequence. A short creative sequence was designed and deployed across social media in order to inform the wider community about ATORs ground-breaking privacy-empowering technology that promises to empower the TOR network and its reliability and speed.



Creative Direction: Eric Jordan
Design: Eric Jordan
Motion Graphics: Eric Jordan
3D: Eric Jordan
VFX Sound Design: Eric Jordan

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