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Luminai – Cognitive Reasoning Engine

Round 1 Styleframes





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Above Earth
A slowly rotating planet Earth fades up into view as the camera presses forward. 


Digitize Earth
The Earth surface digitizes into thousands of light particles of illuminated data points. Beyond Limits logo fades gently out.


Data Earth
As the camera moves toward Earth, the planet surface becomes a transparent crystal material, glimmering with small bits of data and geometric contour lines.  The aim is to allude to being able to peer into the data structure of the Earth itself as the camera dives down toward the surface.


Data Dive
As the camera approaches the Earth on it’s dive, we see continental structures amid an array of graphical elements such as weather pattern analysis data, topographical contour lines, wind patterns, etc.  Here we are establishing that the world we are entering is made of data.


Industrial Facility Reveal
As the camera breaks through the clouds, a nondescript industrial facility is revealed below on a reflective topographical terrain below.  Data continues to cycle in the camera view.


Industrial Facility Zoom
The camera view continues to dive down toward the surface of the Earth until we see the industrial facility that serves as the main focus of analysis.


Industrial Facility Analysis
As the camera view comes to a stop at the planet surface, the industrial facility transforms into a highly technical data view, as though the facility itself is made of binary code and collections of micro-data.


Industrial Facility Data Emission
Data input iconography begins to manifest around the perimeter of the structure, as well as a matrix of textual keywords: “Deep Learning, iOT Data, Historical Data, Unstructured Data, Real-Time Data, Etc”


Industrial Facility Data Emission 2
The camera continues to rotate around the facility, and the data input iconography begins to emit off the surface of the structure, as though being picked up by the wind.


Industrial Facility Data Emission 3
The text matrix of various data types becomes larger and more recognisable as it extrapolates around the structure.


Data Storm Formation
The camera POV moves over the surface of the facility as the structure is consumed by a rotating information cyclone consisting of data inputs.  As the intensity of the data storm increases, the floor beneath the storm begins to dissolve and dissipate into a chasm below.


Information Cyclone
The data input iconography begins to coalesce into a turbulent ‘information cyclone’ over a digital landscape, seemingly unstable – in order to convey that the data is currently mismanaged or simply too chaotic to process. A particle simulation using actual storm physics & wind velocity might be used to create a sense of dynamic movement within the informational cyclone.


Information Cyclone Core
The camera POV moves into the perimeter of the data storm, as the data inputs speed past the camera, shaking the field of view.  A strong flare of light emanates from the eye of the storm as the energy peaks.


Luminai Manifest
The light flare at the core of the data storm radiates outward as the abstract form of the crystalline Luminai symbol forms in place, glistening and shimmering with energy.


Luminai Formation
The Luminai symbol gleams as it fully forms beneath the data storm above – light washes across it’s surface and pulsates out into the scene.


Rise of the Luminai
The Luminai symbol rises up from below the data landscape, as the data storm continues to rotate, now beginning to slow as the data comes into contact with the gravitational force of the Luminai.


Gravity Pull
The data input iconography begins to condense and fall deeper under the influence of the Luminai’s gravitational force – slowing it down to the point where it begins to coalesce and organize.


Data Core
The Luminai symbol organizes the chaotic data inputs into a highly structured rotating core of data, as the camera rotates around the symbol at the heart of the scene.


Data Attractor
The data inputs begin to be attracted to the Luminai – the camera POV focuses to a closeup on data falling out of the organized spherical core and toward the surface of the Luminai.


Luminai Zoom 1
The camera pulls in closer to the crystalline Luminai, as it’s crystal surface is revealed to be a highly complex microstructure of invisible reflective machines – all working as one.


Luminai Zoom 2
The camera zooms into the cognitive core, rotating around the spherical structure to examine it’s highly dense and complex technical surface structure – seemingly made of crystal machines within other machines.


Numeric and Symbolic Data
The data inputs descend and spiral down into two distinct spherical forms of information processing – numeric and symbolic – which move from the left and right toward one another. Data electricity arcs as they move closer.


Numeric and Symbolic Data Connect
As the two spheres come together, we can see the cores of the spheres and rotating circular matrices of data within.


Numeric and Symbolic Fusion
The two spheres of data merge together, fusing into a third sphere in the center as light engulfs the scene, radiating outward over a bed of information particles.


As the third Cognitive sphere is fully formed, its inner structure consists of intricate pathways of processing mechanisms which processes the data flow streaming in from the left and right spheres.


Luminai Zoom 3
As the camera pulls in closer to the surface of the engine, we can see that the processing spheres are made up of incredibly complex layers of analysis resembling a vast artificial intelligence at work.


Luminai Zoom 4
The camera POV begins to pull back to reveal the true structure and inner workings of the cognitive reasoning engine – including many of the sub-functions within the system.  The abstract form of the engine has now fully given way to the functional version.


Perception Engine
The data input iconography begins to filter into the spherical perception engine, fusing into the surface and absorbing into the crystalline structure of the enginer for processing.


Engine Stage 1 – Perception
The camera will proceed to focus on functioning of the engine and the general flow of information through the system, beginning with “Perception”.


Engine Stage 2 – Cognitive
The camera continues across the middle portion of the engine to focus on the cognitive sphere.


Engine Stage 3 – Knowledge
The camera continues across the middle portion of the engine to focus on the cognitive sphere.


Zoom Out
As the information processing completes. the camera begins to pull out from the engine.


Computer Wireframe
The engine is revealed within the internal area of a computer system, depicted in wireframe format, as the camera continues pulling back.


Human Interaction 1
The camera pulls back over the shoulder of two individuals examining the engine at work within the computer system.


Decision Tree
An informational decision tree expands and unfolds from the computer platform, presenting the onlookers with a series of options.


Human Interaction 2
The camera pans to the side revealing a team of individuals examining a 3d holographic data projection from the Beyond Limits reasoning engine.


Human Interaction 3
The camera moves over a table with various team members point to and interacting with Luminai data that is augmenting their workflow.


The sequence resolves on the crystalline Luminai symbol.


End Title
The Beyond Limits logo & copyright fade up, and then to black.