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Eric Jordan’s artistic background extends far back to the age of eight, as a child obsessed with drawing and sketching. Eric grew up illustrating comic book style art and abstract and other-worldly black and white illustration through most of his childhood. Before computers had become widely accepted, Eric has developed a passion for working with computers and as a tool for artistic experimentation – scanning illustrations into some of the earliest versions of Adobe Photoshop in order to digitally color them.


Just as the Internet was becoming widely established, Eric became intimately involved with the underground art group scene which released regular monthly packs of digitally created art on BBS’s through small collective groups of artists such as iCE and ACiD. During this time there was a proliferation of VGA, ANSI, and Bitmap graphics which also extended into the rise of 3D graphics and animation via coded demos. It was during this period that new web technologies such as Macromedia Flash arose, which Eric harnessed to create the internationally recognized interactive web studio 2Advanced Studios, which is credited with helping to shift the internet into a more experiential medium at the time and earned high acclaim as one of the most influential websites of the decade. 


After being featured in several web design magazines and books, Eric began attracting an international clientele of some of the world’s largest companies such as SpaceX, Tesla, EA Games, Nintendo, Ford, Logitech, Lexus, Lucas Arts, AOL, Google, and many more fortune 500 brands. During this period Eric released an array of experimental abstract animated artworks set to custom-written soundtracks, and his work ultimately spanned nearly all design & motion graphics mediums including film, broadcast television, websites, smart phones, virtual reality (VR), electronic billboards, toys, vehicles, print, and video games. Among being recognized by .Net Magazine as one of the world’s top 20 international designers, his work has been featured in numerous design-related books and magazines around the world.


After operating an interactive studio for over 10 years, Eric transitioned to independent creative consulting and began planning a return to personal artwork after a multi-year sabbatical to New Zealand, just as the cryptocurrency paradigm begun to manifest and NFTs had become a key vehicle for collecting limited edition artworks via the blockchain.  Eric has since been involved in branding several blockchain-related projects such as DERO, Path.Network, and Synesis One, in addition to collaborating with famed LEGO artist Andy Bauch on a groundbreaking AR-enabled animated artwork, and was invited to participate in cutting edge NFT related initiatives such as Modern & Arthouse’s new AR-enabled physical + digital NFT platform.  Returning to his original artistic roots of creating digital art, Eric now creates artwork that is heavily themed around topics such as futurism, cybernetics, high-technology, metaphysics, alchemy, and higher consciousness.